Customer Policy

We hope we meet and exceed your expectations as a valued customer.

Parivartan Interiors regards every person who contacts them, for any reason whatsoever, to be a valued customer. We are committed to providing our customers with high quality service which meets their reasonable expectations and will endeavor to process each enquiry as quickly as possible.

Parivartan Interiors recognizes that our customers’ needs are as unique and varied as the individuals themselves. Business will be fair and completed in an appropriate time frame and our customers will be treated with honesty and integrity at all times. If an individual cannot directly help a customer, it is their responsibility to ensure that they find someone who can and then put them in contact with the customer. If the person who is able to help the customer is unavailable it is the responsibility of the person who receives the call to ring back the customer and advise them of a time when the appropriate person will help them.

Answers to any enquiry or complaint will be easy to understand. They will be clear, concise, and straight to the point and directly address the original enquiry or complaint. All telephone enquiries or complaints will receive at least an initial response by the next 2 working days. All employees dealing with customers will identify themselves either verbally or in writing and when answering the phone will give their first name.

In its aim towards efficiency and in the interest of customers, Parivartan Interiors reserves the right to limit the use of staff and resources on false or unreasonable demands.

We hope we meet and exceed your expectations as a valued customer.


Parivartan Interiors